PHGN 384 Field Session

Contact Information:
Name: Alex Yuffa
Office: Meyer Hall 475
Cell Phone: 720-933-0654
My Weekly Schedule


Exercises/Tutorials 30%
Three quizzes 15%
Lab notebook 5%
Final project 50%

The exercises/tutorials are crucial to avoid a nasty crunch on the day the final project is due. The quizzes will be open note (but closed computer) quizzes; no printouts will be permitted. If you haven't written stuff down in your notebook, haven't done the exercises and worksheets, and can't remember, then you're fresh out of luck.

Day 1

Linux: Diligently go through Linux Tutorial for Beginners
Mathematica: Download Mathematica 101 tutorial and start working on it.

Day 2

Finish Mathematica 101 tutorial and submit it to my directory /Net/voodoo/home/ayuffa/FieldSession/
with filename usernameMma.nb, where username is your username.

Day 3

Diligently go through LaTeX 101 and LaTeX 102 tutorials.

Day 4

Data Analysis: Download the following three files: dataAnalysis101.nb, ErrorBarForm.m, dataSet1.dat.
Make sure you save all three files into the same directory. Open the dataAnalysis101.nb file in Mathematica and work on it.
Inkscape: Read through Basic and Advanced tutorials and then draw: Paper Clip, Webbing, Circular Array, Perspective.

Day 5

Read through the description of the final project and then start working on it. Also, you will need to download the following data set, dataSet2.dat.
Examples: Funny, creative and of course disturbing examples of the final project written by Daniel Gibson dgibsonFinal.pdf, and Timothy Lim tlimFinal.pdf.
(Used with permission.)

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